How to Find the Best Swimming Lessons in Your City


Many cities have both private and public swimming facilities. While it may not matter where you go recreationally, you should research the institution through which you want to learn how to swim. Here are a few areas worth investigating when comparing the pools in your area.

Affiliations & Qualifications

The swimming program you choose should be adequately insured and certified. Many private pools belong to provincial and national swimming collectives that lend credibility. The right affiliations can ensure certain standards are met and/or exceeded.

Reputation & Experience

These days, you can research any business online and dig up its customer testimonials and reviews. Even if the business plasters reviews on its site, consult its social media profiles for more information. Always look at the date beside each comment because reputations change over time. As well, look at the length of the business’ history. After all, qualified and experienced are two completely different criteria.

Class Size

The smaller the class sizes available, the more attention each pupil receives. But depending on your learning style, you may prefer group swimming. Here at B&C Aquatics, we offer both private and group lessons (capped at four swimmers per instructor). Moreover, each instructor receives help from an assistant and supervisor.

Classing Groupings

Some swimming lessons place students in groups by age and skill. Inquire how instructors determine which class you should join to decide if it’s the right fit. As well, ask about the different tiers and what criteria instructors use to advance swimmers.

The Quality of the Facilities

The amenities offered at the swimming pool alongside its maintenance and service are all important factors. Details worth researching include water temperature, air temperature, change room amenities, cafeterias, lounge areas and more.