Smart Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Favourite Swimwear

Smart Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Favourite Swimwear

Proper cleaning and drying methods can help prolong the life of your suit. Extended wear, chlorine from swimming pools, sunscreen, and the sun are all factors that will affect the quality and longevity of your swimsuit. As professional swimmers, high-performance swimwear is necessary to helping you achieve the results that you want. With the right cleaning and drying techniques, you can help maximize the wear of your swimming apparel.


Wash your swimsuit by hand immediately after every swim session using just mild soap and water. Water alone won’t be effective enough in ridding your suit of chlorine. To prevent damaging the outer layer of your suit, it’s best to turn your swimsuit inside out when washing. Never use a washing machine to clean your swimsuit as it’s far too abrasive for delicate materials. Washing machines also use detergents that are far too harsh and can cause irreversible damage to your swimsuit.


After washing, let your swimsuit dry naturally indoors or away from direct sunlight. Exposing swimsuit to direct sunlight while drying is the fastest way to damage and fade the material. Lay out the swimsuit flat to avoid wrinkles and folds.

Never put your swimsuit on a dryer since it will ruin the material and the lycra.

Other Useful Tips

  • Invest in a good quality swimsuit as this will definitely last longer. Inexpensive swimwear made from just elastane may be practical now, but in the long run it will only cost you more money.
  • After swimming, always rinse your suit using cool running water. Chlorine from the swimming pool as well as other contaminants including sunblock and the oils from your skin can cause the suit to become faded and brittle over time.
  • Don’t get any oil-based products in contact with your swimwear. Suntan oils and lotions can ruin your suit’s elasticity and will cause it to eventually lose its shape.
  • Be careful about where you sit; pool edges are designed to be rough to prevent swimmers from sliding from them. Even if it doesn’t feel rough on your skin, pool edges are abrasive to your swimsuit. If you need to sit on the edges, lay out a towel first to protect your swimsuit.
  • Don’t wrap your swimsuit in a used towel, which has already soaked up the chlorine and other contaminants in the pool. Even after washing, exposing your suit to a used towel will only reintroduce the chemicals that you originally rinsed it clean from.