Why Enroll Your Children in Afterschool Activities?


Many parents use afterschool activities to keep their kids out-of-trouble in the evenings. Others use them to complement a busy work schedule that calls for late nights. While both are benefits to the parent, children have so much more to gain through afterschool activities.

In-Class Benefits

Diversifying your child’s afterschool programs can introduce him or her to new interests. This may help your kid refine his or her ambitions and set goals. Even if the chosen activity doesn’t become a long-term interest, structured afterschool programs will still translate into classroom success. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction found that afterschool programs improve classroom behaviour, work ethic and attendance.

Physical Activity

Did you know that only 31 percent of Canadian children satisfy national fitness recommendations? Your kid should get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day, and that’s where afterschool programs like swimming can assist.

The energy expended during swim class or through other sports will make your child less antsy at school. Such programs are also gateways into other lifestyle changes (i.e. diet). Overall, they promote healthiness and boost confidence, making them great for their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Goal Setting and Skill Building

Afterschool programs teach your kids to achieve new goals. For instance, mastering a specific skill or performing well in a competition. The confidence found meeting said goals reflects positively in their attitudes towards the classroom, too. Above all else, afterschool activities teach commitment: your children must attend and follow the program to learn from it.

Social Gains

Although school is social, you can introduce your child to new friends through afterschool programs. As a group, these children will develop their skills and form positive relationships. With the instructors or coaches, the right program will foster respect and obedience, too.