How to Encourage Your Child to Swim

Encourage Your Kids to Swim

Teaching your child to swim is crucial for developing life-saving skills and water awareness. Nevertheless, some kids just don’t like the water. Whether from disinterest or fear, you must acknowledge these feelings and move forward slowly. Force will only heighten the resistance your child shows. So begin by building comfortability and confidence in the water with the steps below.

Starting in the Tub

For many children, their first exposure to water is the tub. Naturally, this is an excellent place to build water confidence. Over time, you can increase the volume of water in the tub or graduate to a kiddie pool outdoors. Regardless the environment, ensure that it remains calming, safe and fun. You can even encourage your child to bring toys into the water for more excitement!

Attending Public Swimming Sessions

Before asking your child to swim, encourage him or her by going to the public pool and sitting in the bleachers. Observing other children and adults play might inspire him or her into wanting to try the water. The next time you visit the pool, you can dangle your feet in or wade in the shallow end. Like the kiddie pool, the goal here is gradual progress.

Finding the Perfect Program

If your child resists swimming lessons, enrolling him or her in the right classes can make a difference. outlines four criteria when selecting a program:

  1. Water temperature;
  2. Class size;
  3. Environment;
  4. Teaching style.

Most public pools maintain a temperature between 82 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler water suits competitive swimming whereas warm water is best for recreation. Regarding class size and teaching style, these two factors are somewhat contingent on one another. For more information on group versus private swimming lessons, click here.