Do You Practice Proper Lane Swimming Etiquette?

Do You Practice Proper Lane Swimming Etiquette?

Do you look forward to swimming laps at your local pool to start your day or maybe to destress after a long workday? Regardless of when you incorporate swimming into your day, for many lap swimming is a great way to clear the mind and start the day on a positive note, while also providing the body with ample exercise.

Joining Swimming Lanes Correctly

You may get to the pool and find an available lane to swim in, but what if all the lanes are taken? A single lane can accommodate multiple swimmers and as long as you’re conscious of those around you, numerous people can effectively share a lane.

With lane sharing, it’s important to get a sense of the speed at which swimmers are going in each lane and choose the lane that best suits your personal speed. Some pools have designated fast and slow lanes; however, you’ll want to pay attention to the speed of the swimmer in the lane.

Splitting Lanes: In lane splitting, the lane is split in two and each swimmer takes a side. To avoid running into one another, both swimmers stick to their respective side of the lane.

In the scenario where there are more than two swimmers trying to share a lane, circle swimming is an effective approach to deal with the larger number of people.

Giving Ample Space

When to swimmers are going at different paces, ensuring each swimmer has enough space becomes important to avoid accidents.

When swimming with someone faster than you, give them a five-second head start. This creates ample space between the two of you and greatly reduces the chances of you two running into each other during your swim.

Resting Appropriately

If you find yourself getting tired, it’s totally ok for you to take a break; however, you don’t want to rest in the middle of the lane where you’re impeding the swimming of your lane mates.

The best place to rest is the corner of the swim lane, at the wall. This will allow other swimmers to successfully turn around without running into you.