Do I Need to Know How to Tread Water?

Do I Need to Know How to Tread Water

Treading water is an essential skill that all individuals should master, prior to swimming in pools or open water. Knowing how to tread water provides benefits such as:

  • Keeps your head above the water. This is a useful skill for scenarios where you cannot stand with your feet touching the bottom of the pool, lake or other bodies of water you’re swimming in.
  • Maintains your position in the water and stops you from drifting out into deeper water or going in an undesired direction.
  • Helps you develop a comfort in the water, as you learn how to maintain consistent breathing while using your arms and legs to control your body position.
  • And should you ever find yourself in the water accidentally, treading water enables you to stay afloat until help can safely remove you from the water.

What Does Proper Form Look Like?

Learning how to tread water with the proper technique allows you to reap the benefits of this swimming style, while using the least amount of energy possible. Here are some of the key points of correct treading water form:

  • Maintain a vertical position in the water;
  • Try not to submerge lower than the base of your neck;
  • Uphold a steady position at the surface of the water, opposed to bobbing up and down.

Treading water provides people with the skills they need to avoid tragic  water incidents, such as drowning.

Here at B &C Aquatics, our swim instructors are equipped with the skills to help you master treading water and numerous other swimming techniques, so you can have a fun and safe time in the water.