How to Ensure Your Child’s Pool Party Makes a Splash!

Child's Pool Party

Reserving the pool at a local recreation centre or swim club can be a great idea for your kid’s next birthday. Indoor swimming is a year-round activity—come rain, shine or snow. Most venues even rent party rooms for after swimming activities and eating.

When in the water, you need to keep a watchful eye on the kids. If there are lifeguard services available, make the most of them! Although a fun place to play, the water can be dangerous without proper supervision.

Organize Games

While some children enjoy free swim periods, a birthday party really kicks off when you introduce games. Queen of Theme Party Games recommends a few for teens, but the suggestions below are all ages:

  • Marco Polo—one person closes his or her eyes and seeks others in the pool by shouting “Marco” and listening for “Polo” in response;
  • Lane Racing—line up the kids and have them swim as quickly as possible to the other end of the pool;
  • Water Volleyball—if you can set up a net, organize the kids into even teams and have them serve a beach ball to one another;
  • Item Retrieval—place items at the bottom of the pool and encourage the children to swim down to get them.

Bring Extra Towels

If the venue does not provide towels, bring extras for the kids who forget to bring their own. Any after-swimming activities will be unenjoyable if the kid cannot dry off completely. Although sharing could solve this problem, it’s more hygienic for everyone to have a dedicated towel.

Swim Before Eating

Swimming before eating avoids indigestion and food in the water. Plus, it lets the kids build up an appetite for the pizza and cake! Likely, you will need to bring your own food or order in, but some venues do offer catering services.