5 Benefits Of Small Size Swim Classes blog

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5 Benefits Of Small Size Swim Classes

Whether you enjoy swimming or you’re more of a land explorer, you simply can’t deny that swimming is one of the best and most important activities to do as adults and children. Here are

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3 Signs of Drowning

At B&C Aquatics, we put water safety first. By prioritizing the aspect of "swim education", we lower the chances of potential death caused by drowning every day. Here are some signs of d
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Which Strokes To Use When Working Out

If you’re a swimmer, you know all about the different types of swimming strokes. The breaststroke, sidestroke, and even the doggy paddle are some great ways for getting you around in the w
Why Swimming Is A Great Exercise

Dec 17. 2019 |   Posted By: admin

Why Swimming Is A Great Exercise

When considering the different options for physical activity, people usually overlook exercise routines that don’t involve a gym. Just because a fitness trainer or weights are not involved
5 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

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5 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

If you or your child is a newcomer to swimming, you might be wondering which path to take in terms of lesson style: group or private lessons. Although there are many benefits to group swim l
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How To Talk To Your Child About Water Safety

Water safety is the education and implementation of live saving techniques and behavior. Talking about water safety and teaching your child to be water safe is the best way to avoid water da

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4 Lifelong Benefits of Swimming Lessons

When people decide to enroll themselves or their child into swimming lessons, the benefit that people commonly focus on is learning a life saving skill. Although this is always the top prior