Benefits to Swimming Competitively

Benefits to Swimming Competitively

For many swimmers, swimming lessons can be a great introduction to the competitive world of swimming. If you’re interested in pursuing swimming as a sport, you can look forward to the following benefits.

Provides a Versatile Training Environment

Competitive swimming can be done both solo or on a team, which makes it a unique sport. Depending on what you’re looking to get out of competitive swimming, you can choose the training style that best suits you.

Solo swimming can provide a reprieve from daily-life and gives you time to just yourself and your thoughts. On the flip side, competing as part of a team opens you up to a more social atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the friendships that come with the sport.

Keeps You in Top Shape

Swimming involves almost all the muscles throughout the body, which gives you an excellent full-body workout. Swimming also provides great cardiovascular exercise, promoting a healthy heart and lungs. Also, due to waters high buoyancy, swimming allows us to workout without any impact on our joints.

Allows You to Enjoy Your Food

Swimmers can burn over 3000 calories daily. So, if you enjoy eating, swimming enables you to eat tons of food, due to the massive amounts of energy required in gruelling workouts and meets.

Promotes Self-Discipline

Competitive swimmers have to learn how to coordinate their workouts, practices, meets, with other life commitments, such as work or school, and still make sure they’re getting enough sleep! Having multiple commitments will force you to stay organized and learn to prioritize, so you can complete what you need to do and what you want to do.

Competitive swimming is a great thing, and for the right person can be a great addition to their life. If you’re seriously interested in growing as a swimmer and willing to put in the work, this is just some of what you can look forward to!