The Benefits of Indoor Swimming Lessons

The Benefits of Indoor Swimming Lessons

Indoor swimming pools are the best places to learn to swim. While wading water up at the cottage with friends and family may seem like fun, supervised pools provide numerous health and safety advantages.

Year-Round Swimming

Outdoor pools close during the winter months (sometimes earlier) and Canadian lakes freeze over. Come spring, these lakes start to thaw, but it’s months before the larger bodies of water start to warm up. Indoor pools, however, are protected from the elements and can thus stay open year-round.

Comfortable Conditions

Indoor pools have regulated water temperatures, typically between 77 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. For competitive events, the temperature will fall to the low end of this range. Likewise, the air temperature is controlled so that you don’t freeze getting into and out of the pool in your swim trunks.

Less Sun Exposure

When swimming in outdoor pools and lakes, you must remember to apply sunscreen every few hours. Although water can absorb ultra-violet light at certain depths, your back and chest primarily stay above water. If you’re not careful, you can get a wicked sunburn in the water.

Wave Control

Some indoor pools have specialized flow gutters to reduce the height of the waves in the pool. In effect, new swimmers can perform their strokes with less resistance and more control.

Indoor Pool Cleanliness

Indoor pools use various chemicals to keep sanitary. Conversely, lakes are full of bio-materials and bacteria. Outdoor pools are treated in much the same way; however, they constantly have things blowing into the water during their open seasons.