Backyard Pool Safety Tips


Summer is in full swing, which means everyone is taking advantage of the backyard pool. Although it is fun to hang out in the sun (and the water), it’s important to practice backyard pool safety. Here are some of the best backyard pool safety tips from your friends at B & C Aquatics:

Adult Supervision

If you have young children in the pool, especially young children who do not know how to swim, have an adult around the pool at all times. Keep a head count of all the kids you are watching to ensure that they are all present and safe. A great way to do this is by turning it into a fun game! Every half hour (change the time depending on your group size and preference), call out “ROLL CALL” and have all the kids respond with their name in a funny voice. It will keep the children entertained and the supervising adult constantly informed.

Keep Young Children Close

Keeping children under 5 years old within arms’ reach is ideal because if they begin to struggle in the water, you can easily grab them before the situation becomes life-threatening.

Control and Restrict Access

Children often want to take risks and push their limits, but this should never be allowed in dangerous environments such as pools and other deep-water environments. Restrict access to areas of the pool for children who do not know how to swim or simply gate-off the deep end to prevent accidents.

Teach Your Kids About Water Danger & Water Safety

Talking to your children about best practices in and out of water is the best way to keep them safe. The earlier they begin to learn, the more likely they will retain the information. Educate them about topics such as:

  • Proper safety tools (lifejackets, floats, etc.) and where they can be found
  • Not to run near water due to puddles of water that can make you slip
  • Proper pool attire (swimsuit, flip flops for the deck, etc.)
  • And any other relevant information.

Apply these safety tips to your backyard pool adventures this summer! Happy swimming, everyone! We can’t wait to see you all very soon!