Attributes Found in a Great Swim Instructor

Attributes Found in a Great Swim Instructor

Swim instructors are the backbone of swimming lessons. They work to create engaging programs and form bonds with their students that promote trust in the water. And their duties extend outside of the swimming pool as they’re tasked with communicating lesson plans to parents and giving updates on a child’s progress. With so much success riding on an instructor’s ability, it’s important you leave your swimmer in the hands of the best. The following are attributes to look for in a swim instructor!


Inquire about the experience your instructor has, in not only teaching swimming but their own journey in the pool. For instance, when did they start swimming lessons? Have they ever swum competitively? What about swimming made them want to pursue it as a career?

By asking these questions you’re developing a sense of how many people have benefited from this instructors tutelage and the experiences that have shaped their love for swimming, as well as their teaching style.

Interpersonal Skills

Conducting swimming lessons is all about interpersonal skills. The instructor is required to meet each student where they are and not only instruct them effectively in the different swimming skills but also create an environment where they can be different. To achieve this, not only must instructors be good at communicating with students but parents as well. Articulate communication is a must.


Like any new skill, swimming comes with a learning curve. Not only do swim instructors have to be proficient in going over the skills multiple times, with younger kids, they will likely face short attention spans and even tantrums. Patience is a mandatory attribute to navigate these situations effectively.

Specialty Knowledge

Perhaps you’re looking to become a certified lifeguard and want to develop the skillset to do so or are a competitive swimmer and need to further develop a specific swim stroke. In these instances, regular swim lessons won’t suffice to equip you with the skills you need. An instructor