All the Reasons Not to Consume Water When Swimming

All the Reasons Not to Consume Water When Swimming

Picture arriving at the pool, maybe for a recreational swim, swimming lessons or aqua-fitness class, and as you walk along the pool deck, you see the beautiful crystal-clear water calling your name.

Despite it’s cool, refreshing appearance, both pool water and open swimming water aren’t safe for consumption and shouldn’t be swallowed during a swim. Although fine for swimming purposes, these environments can contain bacteria that can irritate you and even cause illness.

Kiddie pools can be the worst culprits for amassing bacteria. The combination of warm water and kids in swim diapers, which often do a poor job of containing feces, creates optimal conditions for water-borne contagions.

In the case of open water swimming, you are exposed to a whole different host of bacteria. For example, large bodies of still water (i.e., ponds and lakes) can be home to harmful bacteria and parasites.

Noticing Signs of Illness

If you experience diarrhea, stomach cramps, weight loss, nausea or vomiting after spending time in the pool, this could be a sign you have contracted a contagion from the water.

Enjoying a Safe and Healthy Swim

Fortunately, there are a number of simple practices that we can do that makes swimming safer for all of us.

Prevent recreational water illnesses (RWIs) by:

  • Showering with soap before and after swimming;
  • Washing hands after going to the washroom or changing diapers;
  • Checking your kids diapers often and taking them on frequent washroom breaks.

Swimming, both indoors and outdoors, is still a great way to have fun and stay active; however, by being mindful that pool or lake water should not be ingested and by following the preventative measures outlined above, we can all work together to create clean swimming environments. Here at B&C Aquatics we take pride in the clean swimming environment we offer to our customers. With locations in both Toronto and Pickering, contact us for more information on our swimming activities.