9 Coolest Swim Records


Have you ever wondered about the coolest swimming accomplishments achieved by
greatest swimmers around the world? Here are the world record holders for some
of the coolest—and craziest—swimming feats in existence!

Some amazing swimmers and athletes hold the coolest world records in the sport of
swimming. Here are the 9 coolest swim related records in the world.

Aleix Segura holds the world record for Longest Apnea (Breath Hold) measuring at
24 minutes and 3 seconds!

alex segura longest time underwater


Johanna Nordblad holds the world record for longest swim under ice measuring at
50 meters! She did it without fins or a diving suit under 30cm thick ice!

johana under ice


Marcello Paredi holds the record for the most bench presses underwater. He
managed to do 20 bench presses all while holding his breath underwater.

marcello bench press


Wim Hof from The Netherlands holds the record for the farthest swim under ice. He
swam 57.5 meters under an ice lake in Finland without the use of special equipment.

Wim Hof swimming under ice


Carlos Coste from Venezuela holds the record for the longest distance swam
underwater in one breath. He swam 177 meters in open water.

Carlos Coste 177 meters swim
Elhamsadat Asghari who swam 5.488 kilometers holds the world record for farthest
swim while wearing handcuffs. She broke her own record after two years on
February 6th , 2019.

Elhamsadat Asghari handcuffs
The most swimming caps worn at once record is held by Hristo Terziyski. He wore
75 swim caps at once in Belgium on April 4th , 2014.

Hristo Terziyski most caps worn
The record for most people preforming a synchronized swimming routine was
broken on August 8th , 2017by Elena Martinez who organized a routine of 247

Elena Martinez who organized a routine of 247
The world record for longest team swimming marathon is 240 kilometers. This was
set on August 24 th 1979 by Matthew Howard, Todd Primmer, John Kocher, Sue
Meckley, Dave Schilling, and Matt Murphy and is yet to be beaten.
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