5 Benefits Of Small Size Swim Classes

5 Benefits Of Small Size Swim Classes blog

Whether you enjoy swimming or you’re more of a land explorer, you simply can’t deny that swimming is one of the best and most important activities to do as adults and children. Here are 7 reasons why you or your child should sign up for our small class size swim lessons at B&C Aquatics.

Swim lessons are designed in a way that every student is learning at their specific ability/skill level. With small class size swim lessons, you get a swim lesson and education that is perfectly tailored to you or your child’s skill set, comfort, and rate of progression. At any point in time, the instructor of your small class size swim lesson can also adjust your lesson to help you to learn better without risking interrupting other students’ learning. Feeling supported in this way will help you to better succeed!

Personalized Feedback!
Small class size swim lessons allow instructors to give their full attention to their students. Not only does this allow them to be more engaged in the lesson but also to give the best feedback possible. Receiving frequent and detailed feedback will help learning swimmers feel confident and understand what they have to do better to learn!

Qualified Instructors
When you learn how to swim at B&C Aquatics, you always get the best and most qualified instructors. Our instructors are personally hired and trained by owner Bonnie & Chris and are required to have their full lifeguarding certifications plus an additional 170 hours of training as per the B&C Aquatics style.

More Time
Small class size swimming lessons mean getting the most of your time during your lessons. With your instructor’s eyes and attention divided among a lower amount of people, you or your child get the attention you/they deserve.

Getting Over Water Trauma
Getting over water trauma is one of the most difficult things about learning how to swim. This can be especially hard to do in large group settings. Working with a professional instructor in a small class size lesson is a great way to get over the trauma. Private instructors at B&C Aquatics will help to ensure that you learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. Feeling secure in this way will help you or your child to improve more quickly!

When you put all of these elements together, you get the best learning environment possible for swimming lessons. This is why you should sign up for small class size swim lessons available at B&C Aquatics today! Contact B&C Aquatics today at 905.420.4141 for more information about our professional swim lessons!