5 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

5 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

If you or your child is a newcomer to swimming, you might be wondering which path to take in terms of lesson style: group or private lessons. Although there are many benefits to group swim lessons, especially B&C Aquatics’s specialized lessons, private lessons are equally as beneficial for the right candidate. Here’s what you should consider when choosing which kind of swim lesson to take:

At B&C Aquatics, we recognize the importance of making each and every swim lesson tailored to our students as each student progresses at their own rate. That’s why we make all of our swim lessons, including our group lessons, personal and allow every student ample time with their instructor. Private swim lessons offer even more personal time with the instructor for students who struggle learning in groups or are particularly anxious about swimming.

Special Accommodations
Although we accept, welcome, and encourage everyone in our group swimming lessons, we understand that some parents may have reservations about putting their special needs child in a group lessons. Whether this is because they tend to be easily distracted, are anxious in larger groups, or other reasons, putting a special needs child in private lessons may allow them to learn faster.

Specific Goals
Private swim lessons are able to tackle specific goals that would be more challenging in group lessons. For example, if your child is an excellent swimmer in every way except for their backstroke, putting them in private lessons that can target this particular stroke can be beneficial for their learning.

Get Over Water Trauma
If your child is afraid of swimming due to a trauma they experienced, putting them in private swim lessons is likely to allow them to become accustomed to water faster. It can be particularly difficult for children to overcome their fear so having an instructor work one on one with them, giving them their undivided attention, they can progress in their swim education faster.

Experience the benefits that Private Lessons can provide for you or your child at B&C Aquatics. Register with us today by contacting us at 905.420.4141 or email us at registration@bandcaquatics.com