4 Reasons Why Your Toddler Should Start Swim Lessons


Swimming is one of the most important life saving skills that you can teach a child.
Getting children into swimming as early as possible is the best way to instill these
life saving skills and make your child as water safe as possible. At B&C Aquatics,
Children’s Swimming Lessons Pickering, we encourage this safety practice. Although
toddler swimming may be a scary concept, it is the best way to advance your child’s
swimming and safety. Here are some reasons you should start your child’s swim
lessons early:

Gain Instinctive Skills
The younger your child starts swimming, the more instinctive water skills they will
gain. Your child will eventually become used to moving their arms and legs, holding
their breath, and turning over in the water. When they develop further into their
swim education, they will already have the instinctive skills they require and will be
able to advance at a healthy and steady pace. There have been countless cases of
babies and toddlers saving themselves from drowning due to their water experience
and lessons. B&C Aquatics has helped a few toddlers in these kinds of situations and
are well equipped to teach your child these skills.

Water Confidence
Water confidence is essential in healthy and progressive swim education. Starting
your child in swim lessons young will allow them to get more and more comfortable
in the water. This will then make them less resistant to basic things such as dunking
their head underwater, putting their ears underwater, floating on their front etc.
Children who do not start water education at the age of toddlers tend to have a
harder time doing these things and making swim progression a more difficult task in

Helps Build Muscles and Balance
Swimming is a great way to help develop muscles and joints. Actions done in the
water builds muscle and allows your baby to get to know their body and how it
functions in different environments. Swimming is also great for their internal health
as it helps improve strength of the heart and lungs.

They Love It!
Swimming is a fun and healthy activity that children enjoy. It is one of the largest
participation sports in the world! Rather than dread going to a swimming lesson,
children and toddlers tend to love the days of the week when they’re able to play
around in the water. Along with safety skills, a happy child is the ultimate benefit to
swimming lessons.

To encourage safety, one should know how to prevent danger. Apply this thought
and I’ve your child the best water safety and water danger prevention lessons
possible by enrolling them in swimming lessons at an early age. At B&C Aquatics,
Swim Lessons Pickering, we keep safety as our top priority and instill this practice
and lifestyle in our students. To sign your child up for swim lessons, call us today at
905.420.4141 or email us at registration@bandcaquatics.com. Also, don’t forget to
check out our website.