4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Swimming for Kids

4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Of course, swimming is a great form of exercise. It can provide tons of health benefits to children, from improving cardiovascular health to building endurance. However, there are so many more great things about getting your child into the pool that sometimes we don’t even think about. Here are 4 lesser-known benefits that swimming can have on your child.

Improves Flexibility

With such a wide range of motions involved in the many different swimming techniques, getting in the pool will help to develop the flexibility of your child. Flexibility is important in many things we do in our daily life, so developing it early in life will prove very helpful down the road!

Improves Breathing and Lung Health

Quite often when exercising, our breath becomes heavy and breathing in dry air does our lungs and throat no favours. Unlike working out in a dry environment, swimming allows children to breath in moist air while they exercise. This will help reduce dryness and improve overall breathing, which is very important for proper oxygen circulation. This is also helpful to children with asthma, as the moist air will help reduce shortness of breath and discomfort caused by asthma.

Helps Improve Performance in the Classroom

Exercise is a great tool for the brain, and this definitely applies to swimming! Getting in the pool and exercising can help out a child’s brain by reducing inflammation and releasing growth factors that affect the health of brain cells! This can help to improve their memory and thinking skills that can go a long way in the classroom.

Improves Sleep During the Night

Swimming provides children with a great form of exercise that gives them a perfect outlet to use up all the energy they have built up. After a session in the pool in which your child has applied lots of energy, they will be much more likely to fall asleep earlier in the night and have an uninterrupted sleep. This is great for their health as it will leave them feeling recharged, less cranky, and ready to take on the next day!