3 Ways To Practice Swimming At Home For Kids

3 Ways To Practice Swimming At Home For Kids

Sometimes, it is just impossible to get to the pool. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. If your children are learning how to swim and depend on practicing their skills to remain on track, there are still ways to practice the fundamental parts of swimming without the need of a swimming pool. Here are some exercises that you can lead your kids through to ensure that they are still learning and practicing even outside of the pool.

Windmill Arms

Developing a strong stroke is one of the key goals when it comes to learning how to be a good swimmer as it is the most important part of moving effectively in water. Windmill arms is an exercise you can do to practice this. This is how you do it:

  • Start with both arms at your swimmer’s side
  • Then, ask your swimmer to swing their right arm back until it is pressed against their ear
  • Swing the arm back down so that it is back in the starting position
  • Repeat on left side

Leg Kicks

Leg kicks are one of the easiest swimming moves that you can practice outside of water. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Have your swimmer lie on the ground on their belly
  • Have them raise their right leg then their left leg without bending their knees. Do this slowly at first to ensure proper form.
  • Back and legs should always be straight and strong!

Breath Control

Although it is easier to practice breath control in the water, it can certainly be done at home. This is one of the basic elements of swimming and one of the first things that swimmers learn how to do, so teaching your child how to have breath control is very easy. Simply have your swimmer hold their breath for short periods of time and slowly increase the time week over week.

It can take some time to master all of these skills, especially for young swimmers, but with consistency and hard work, your child swimmers are sure to be experts!

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