3 Ways Parents Can Participate in Swim Lessons

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Learning how to swim is a momentous event in any child’s life. It is common for children to experience a range of emotions when learning how to swim especially because they are being introduced to a new and uncertain environment at young and vulnerable ages. Although you as a parent can’t physically be in the pool with your child as they learn this new and important skill, your role in your child’s swim education is vital. Here’s how to maximize your contribution to your child’s swim education.

Be Consistent.

It takes 3 weeks of consistent behavior to form a habit. While your young child will definitely need more than 3 weeks of lessons to learn how to swim, this sentiment still applies to their education. Be consistent with bringing your child in to their swim lessons so that they get used to the routine of it and become more and more comfortable with the practice of swimming. The more consistent you are, the more enthusiastic your children will feel about going to their lessons if they are not already.

Be Reassuring.

The greatest fear a child has about swimming is being temporarily separated from you. As a parent, you represent stability, comfort, safety, and protection. Being separated from you, even for short half hour swimming periods, can cause a bit of unease in your child. For your child to have the best swimming lesson experience, be sure to reassure them that they are safe in the pool with their instructor, that you’ll be waiting outside for them, and that you won’t be leaving them.

Be Supportive.

Whether your child had a good or bad, progressive or regressive, swim lessons, be supportive of their learning curve. It is important to show your child that you are being attentive to their progress and that you want them to do well. Without support from you, regardless of how fast or slow your child’s progress is, they will lose interest and start to associate water with negative feelings that can slow down their education. Dedicate time to let your child know that their swimming lessons are important and that you are proud of them.

These three elements are crucial for keeping your child happy and stress-free during their swim lessons. By being there for them as consistent, reassuring, and supportive parents, you can watch your child progress and succeed into new levels in their swim education. To sign your child up for Pickering swim lessons or Scarborough swim lessons, call us today at 905.420.4141 or email us at registration@bandcaquatics.com.