3 Signs of Drowning


At B&C Aquatics, we put water safety first. By prioritizing the aspect of “swim education”, we lower the chances of potential death caused by drowning every day. Here are some signs of drowning that you should always be on the lookout for:

Head Low In The Water
If a person’s head is close to the water level (low in the water), you should pay close attention to check if they are drowning or not. When observing, ensure that a person’s head and mouth are always comfortably above the water level.

Flailing And Panicked Body Motions
Flailing and panicking is the most obvious sign that a person may be drowning. If a person is unable to keep themselves afloat in a pool or other bodies of water, they will often succumb to panic resulting in erratic limb movements. If you witness this, attend to the person immediately as that is a clear indication that the person is drowning.

The appearance of Trying to Move But Not Making Headway
This sign is very similar to the aforementioned sign. While drowning often looks like flailing and panicking, it can also appear as a calmer and determined effort. This is equally as dangerous as it may deter people from helping the struggling swimmer. If you see someone trying to swim but not making headway, keep a close eye on them as they may be in the beginning stages of drowning.

Overall, swimming can be a dangerous activity if the people involved do not know how to or are not adequately educated on water safety, or if there is no proper supervision. Instead of being fearful of swimming, we can prevent the danger of drowning through simple water safety training and vigilant supervision. Be sure to always look out for swimmers, especially young or inexperienced ones in order to avoid drowning.

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