Do I Need to Know How to Tread Water

Aug 10. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Do I Need to Know How to Tread Water?

Treading water is an essential skill that all individuals should master, prior to swimming in pools or open water. Knowing how to tread water provides benefits such as: Keeps your head
Advantages of Smaller Class Sizes

Jul 27. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Advantages of Smaller Class Sizes

When learning to swim in a group environment, class sizes have a substantial impact on how swimmers progress in the pool. From instructor effectiveness to safety concerns, class size has hug
How to throw the pool party of the summer

Jul 6. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Ready to Throw the Pool Party of the Summer?

Does your child want to invite his or her friends over to splash around in the backyard pool? Or maybe, you’re planning an adult pool party for you and your friends. In either case, consid
Showering before and after the pool

Jun 29. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Showering Before and After Swimming

Is showering with soap part of your pre-swim routine? Showering before and after entering the pool has significant health benefits for you and your fellow swimmers. Prior to Entering the Po
How to practice safe diving

Jun 22. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

How to Practice Safe Diving

Diving in a pool can be a fun and exhilarating experience; however, without the correct approach and necessary safety precautions, this fun activity can be very dangerous. So, how do you div
The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

Jun 15. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

When enrolling your child in swim lessons, what is the first piece of gear you think of? The swimsuit! As the parent, you want your child to have the greatest chance for success in the water