Shoulder injury

Mar 30. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Experiencing Shoulder pain in the Pool?

For all you swimmers, have you ever considered the importance of your shoulders? Our shoulders are a key tool to propelling our bodies through the water. Overuse of certain muscle groups can

Mar 23. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Are You Consuming Enough Zinc in Your Diet?

For the human body to perform physical activity correctly, it needs adequate fuel for the job. The mineral zinc is valuable in optimizing the performance of the human body, so what is your z

Mar 17. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

What determines an Athlete?

For some, the status of “athlete” is earned by the number of accolades an individual has achieved. So, what about all the values that enable an individual to ascend in his or her chosen
Social Swimming

Mar 9. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Social Benefits of Swimming

Yes, swimming lessons can have an abundance of physical benefits, but have you considered the social benefits? Swimming lessons can be beneficial to your child’s social development. Inter
What makes swimming good for you

Mar 3. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

What Makes Swimming So Good For Me?

Are you trying to find the ideal form of exercise for your child that will also engage them socially? Or maybe you’re a senior looking for a way to exercise your body without putting too m
Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Jan 27. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

In public pools, chlorine helps eliminate bacteria from the water, keeping it safe for all swimmers. Unfortunately, constant exposure to this chemical can damage your hair without special ca