How to practice safe diving

Jun 22. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

How to Practice Safe Diving

Diving in a pool can be a fun and exhilarating experience; however, without the correct approach and necessary safety precautions, this fun activity can be very dangerous. So, how do you div
The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

Jun 15. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

The Right Swimsuit for Your Child

When enrolling your child in swim lessons, what is the first piece of gear you think of? The swimsuit! As the parent, you want your child to have the greatest chance for success in the water
Butterfly style swimmer in action, black and white

May 25. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Swimming Can Improve Lung Efficiency

Are you aware how lung capacity impacts your overall health? During physical activities, our lungs send oxygen to our muscles. The larger the lungs, the more oxygen our muscles receive. High
Flotation devices

Apr 27. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Lose the “Floaties” and Gain in the Pool

When preparing for the pool, do you pack your flotation devices with your goggles and swim cap? For those of you looking to develop a stronger proficiency in the water, have you considered t
Swim Parent

Apr 20. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Are You a Good Swim Parent?

Any parent with a child in sports automatically assumes the role of cheerleader. For some, this responsibility comes naturally to them and is a joy to fulfill while others struggle to keep t
Pool safety

Apr 13. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Exercise Caution In and Around the Pool

“Pool Time” can generate excitement in many of us; however, thoughtless actions in or around the pool can cause self-injury or injury to others. Remember the following safety precautions
swimming lessons

Apr 7. 2017 |   Posted By: admin

Why Learning to Swim is So Important

Did you know that water covers approximately 71% of our planet’s surface? Over the course of our lives, many of us will be placed in situations where competent swimming skills will keep us